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Kickstart Scheme

If you are interested in creating a vacancy under the Kickstart Scheme but are concerned about the grant application process, the HR requirements for employing an individual, or cashflow issues, at Capital City College Training, we can help. 

We will employ the individual under our ATA, covering all of the employment law requirements and then place the individual with you to work for 25 hours per week. The employee will spend these 4 days at work and 1 day a week at college to support with any skills required to gain permanent employment. 

Our commitment to you

We will give you a member of staff for 6 months with none of the red tape of employment. 

  • Opportunity to select suitable individuals from a group with no recruitment/employment costs for 6 months
  • Wages and all HR functions conducted by the ATA
  • Additional ongoing support and training given 
  • Opportunity to engage with apprenticeships and grant funding

We will:

  • Advertise the vacancy and shortlist applicants for you, the employer, to interview and select
  • Provide all HR services
  • Have a dedicated Support Worker, monitoring and supporting the employee throughout the 6 months
  • Provide training for 1 day per week training to increase potential for progression onto Apprenticeship or other permanent employment

For more information, please email Jackie Chapman, Managing Director at CCCT, at jackie.chapman@capitalcct.ac.uk


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