What is an Apprenticeship?

Is your business looking to hire an apprentice? Perhaps you want to find out more about what an apprentice is and how to access funding? At Capital City College Training, we're the leading London apprenticeship service. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to find an apprenticeship and the process you need to take.

Let's start with the basics - what is an apprenticeship? An apprenticeship is a programme of training designed to an industry standard for a range of specific roles. Apprenticeships will support employers to recruit fresh talent and upskill current teams to boost business.

Your apprentice can be a new recruit or current employee aged 16 or over. While they work for you, they learn the core skill set for their job. Alongside work, they study for a nationally recognised qualification.

Designed in conjunction with employers, apprenticeships are targeted to the workplace and can be completely tailored to your organisation. This means apprenticeships are available in every industry, from hospitality to marketing.

For SMEs apprenticeships are supported by government funding. For large organisations, they are supported by the government’s apprenticeship levy. We can help you navigate the funding and explain how much money you have access to for an apprenticeship.

Choose a CCCT Apprenticeship

As the capital’s premier training provider, CCCT helps enterprises thrive in the changing economy. Your business needs are the foundation for all our training programmes. Our apprenticeships are designed to support your corporate objectives and instil a sustainable workforce strategy for the future. Our professional educators help you create a qualified team that gives your business a competitive edge.

Last year alone, we trained more than 1,300 apprentices, backed by decades of innovative and creative training practice. Using our industry networks and knowledge, we have successfully placed apprentices with more than 500 employers across the UK – from small start-ups to global enterprises.

What an Apprenticeship Can do For Your Business

Thousands of businesses across the UK are hiring apprentices to:

  • boost business and improve productivity
  • introduce a sustainable talent recruitment plan
  • inject energy and enthusiasm and inspire more motivated teams
  • provide workplace training tailored and targeted to distinct business needs.

There are multiple benefits of hiring an apprentice. The majority of employers believe that their business has benefitted as a result. This is because they are gaining the advantage of a qualified workforce, trained to industry standards.

Those who apply for our apprentices come from a variety of backgrounds across London. It's not just school and college leavers applying for apprenticeships anymore. You can expect people of many different ages, looking to take steps towards a new career.

Use Our One-Stop Service

Part of our dedicated offer for employers is a free, fully managed apprenticeship service. With the new government levy and apprenticeship training incentives, now is the best time for you to hire an apprentice.

All our training is quality assured for qualifications from industry certification through to degree level. Our apprenticeships cover all major business specialisms, from IT and digital design to healthcare and management. We work with organisations across the public and private sectors to fill skills gaps and keep pace with market changes.

With the importance of technology in today’s workplaces, this includes updating aptitudes through digital apprenticeships and technical apprenticeships. Apprentices are supported by our experienced skills coaches. This means you can be certain they will be motivated, committed and learning the right skills for your sector of work.

Partner with CCCT for a quality apprenticeship that adds economic value to your business. Ask us about an apprenticeship to suit your business. Employers can call us on 0207 391 6400 or email: employer@capitalcct.ac.uk. Read further guidance from GOV.UK: Employing an apprentice: technical guide for employers